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Grey Limbo

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Komal Bharadia

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My Story

Ever felt you are not enough?  You can't break the glass ceiling..?!

That was me! I've been there. I was always in my comfort zone and things started changing when I accepted that the CHANGE needs to be within me... I always blamed myself for the things that haven't gone my way, there's been frustration and anxiety. But later I realised that it is your inner world that becomes a result of your outer world!!

Fast forward the years and I took up self development courses and keep learning and growing each day! Success roars but it is the process that you enjoy! I enjoy being all of them :)…

A Wife to an amazing Husband
A Mother to 2 beautiful Daughters
A Friend
A Mindset Coach and Trainer
A Professional Property Investor

 I had to stop judging myself and start trusting the process of Empowering the Mind. It did make me accomplish many things, celebrate them, have fulfilment and enrichment in life.

I know I am happier if I choose to be despite having various set backs. Its the process, excitement and the curiosity of the present that you have to live by.

My Books
Blue Smoke


Ideas are nothing,

Execution is

the Game!

Gary Vaynerchuk

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